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Value for Physician Group Staff

Video Transcription

Welcome to the MGIS income protect Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) series. In this module, we will be discussing value for physician group staff. In previous episodes we've covered the tight fit between income protect IDI supplement disability coverage and the specialized needs of physicians and dentists. In a previous video, we outlined the key features that make the MGIS income protect IDI solution such a great fit with the specialized income protection needs of doctors and dentists. While these benefits are a great solution for the doctors and dentists in an organization, they don't necessarily apply to other staff members and employees.
Administrators are eager to provide compelling value for the doctors without breaking the bank on the entire organization. We've built the income protect IDI Supplement Solution with this challenge in mind. Many benefits and features are modular so they can be added in to enhance a doctor's package or removed to create a more typical solution for staff.
The result is a disability benefit package that can provide richer, more customized IDI supplement features for doctors, while offering solid, more basic coverage for staff. The combination creates a sound overall solution at a compelling price. Keeping the coverage all in one package can greatly simplify service and administration while controlling costs, and provide higher quality at an overall lower price, and greater flexibility allows you to customize a solution that fits your particular organization.
Your MGIS RVP or SunLife rep can help you craft a package that's great for doctors, dentists and staff alike, regardless of your size or specialty. Contact us today to start the conversation. Thank you for watching the MGIS income protect series. We hope you enjoyed this episode. Want to learn more? Click on the next video or visit us at
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