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Recent Articles

Selling Tips | March 13, 2023 | Eddie Whalen

Beyond LTD: Using Disability Insurance as Your “Trojan Horse” to Open Doors and Win Healthcare Professional Clients

This regularly updated blog post features scripts and processes you can use to leverage MGIS disability insurance products to win new business. Our most successful brokers use MGIS as a type of “trojan horse.” By approaching groups that employ doctors with a specialized disability product tailored for them, brokers gain trust and are able to […]

DI Concepts | February 10, 2023 | James Crook

Doctors with Student Loan Debt Face Increased Need for Disability Insurance

Student loan debt has become a growing concern for many Americans, but for doctors, it has become a significant burden.  73% of medical school graduates carry student loan debt, and the average amount is $250,990.  Although many doctors earn high incomes, many are still concerned with the amount of student loan debt they carry and feel […]

Industry News | February 10, 2023 | James Crook

Industry News – February 2023

Every month, we find the most relevant news and opinions from the industry and publish them to the MGIS blog. Scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe to the MGIS Advisor Newsletter to make sure you never miss these updates. Why is there a global medical recruitment and retention crisis? World Economic Forum […]

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