We explore the disability insurance market, specifically as it pertains to highly-compensated healthcare professionals.
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Employee Navigator – The What, How, and Why of MGIS’s New Employee Navigator Partnership

James Crook | April 17, 2024

James Crook interviews the different stakeholders involved in bringing the MGIS and Employee Navigator partnership to fruition.

He speaks with Jeff Brunken, President of MGIS; Paula Hanson, AVP Benefit Technology Solutions at Reliance Matrix; Jessica Myer, Manager – Benefits Technology Solutions at Reliance Matrix; and Maggie Wills, a Senior EDI Account Manager at MGIS.

This episode explores the what, how, and why of this new partnership.

2024 Industry Trends – Jeff Brunken

James Crook | January 18, 2024

Jeff Brunken, the President of MGIS, discusses several of the trends brokers should expect to see in the disability insurance market in 2024.

Reliance Matrix and MGIS – Kevin Cranston and Andrew Davison

James Crook | October 25, 2023

Andrew Davison, COO at MGIS, and Kevin Cranston, Head of Product at Reliance Matrix, discuss the new partnership between MGIS and Reliance Matrix. MGIS and Reliance Matrix recently introduced Disability Guard for Doctors™, a new disability insurance product that caters to the unique income protection needs of doctors.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Disability Story With Randy Tate

James Crook | July 25, 2023

Randy Tate is the Director of Underwriting at MGIS. Before working in underwriting, Randy was an MGIS Regional Vice President of Sales. During his sales career, Randy encountered an orthopaedic surgeon who got burned by a bad group disability policy.

Joy Sorensen Navarre – Student Loan Debt

James Crook | May 29, 2023

Joy Sorensen Navarre discusses her role as the President of Navigate. Navigate focuses on helping physicians resolve their student loans. According to Joy, Navigate has helped their physician clients save over $420 Million so far.

Paul Cella – Disability insurance should be your secret weapon

James Crook | April 25, 2023

Paul Cella is the Managing Principal of the KeyArx group. Paul has spent 30 years providing insurance and financial advice to physicians.

Barry Lundquist – Industry Legends

James Crook | March 28, 2023

“If you’re not discussing income protection with your clients, you are not doing your job, period.”

Barry Lundquist has over 35 years of insurance industry experience in risk management, sales leadership, and senior executive management. In this episode, Barry discusses why it’s so critical for brokers to have disability insurance conversations with their clients.

James Leary – Co-Founder at OneProtection

James Crook | February 13, 2023

James Leary, Co-Founder at OneProtection, discusses:

  • “The four P process” of selling disability insurance
  • Using LinkedIn to increase sales
  • How advisors are using OneProtection to drastically improve closing rates

2023 Disability Insurance Trends – Relaunch

James Crook | January 16, 2023

Andrew Davison, Chief Underwriting and Operating Officer of MGIS, discusses 7 trends that may appear in the disability insurance market in 2023.

Disability Stories – Dr. Kim Harms: the dentist who became a grief counselor and professional speaker

James Crook | January 12, 2023

Dr. Kim Harms tells us about how she got into dentistry and the disability that changed the course of her career. She explains why healthcare professionals of all disciplines need to secure the right amount of disability insurance when they’re young.

Learn more about Dr. Harms on her website:

Some Highlights From the Transcript:

  • Young physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals need to understand that they could develop a disability tomorrow. Even if that disability doesn’t stop them from working today, it will be used as a preexisting condition that disability insurance carriers will exclude from any policy they issue to you in the future. (03:49)
  • Kim discusses the impact a good career advisor can have on a determined college student. (07:36)
  • Apparently, you can be a great dentist with seven fingers! (08:15)
  • Kim discusses not buying insurance early because it was expensive (08:40)
  • Disabilities can come suddenly and unexpectedly. (10:12)
  • Business overhead expense insurance is a great idea for small practices. (12:49)
  • Most young dentists understand that it’s important to get disability insurance early, but some feel invincible and balk at the associated cost. (23:41)
  • When Kim’s husband passed away, his life insurance policy made a huge impact on her life. (25:45)
  • Make sure your broker who understands the difference between pre-tax and post-tax benefits. (29:49)
  • Some group plans will pay disability benefits past normal retirement age. (37:14)
  • Healthcare professionals would rather work than collect insurance. (41:16)
  • Make sure you have a contract expert look at your disability policy. If you don’t, you could end up with something that doesn’t suit your needs. (43:08)

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