Insurance Physicians Expect…
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Providing the insurance physicians expect. MGIS is a national insurance program manager founded in 1969. We partner with brokers nationwide to provide the disability income-replacement and specialty coverages doctors and dentists expect.
Insurance We design and administer insurance solutions that provide healthcare professionals with greater security and peace of mind.
Physicians We’re specialists in the physician market offering insurance solutions that take into consideration the unique needs of high-earning doctors and dentists—from higher income replacement levels to narrow practice specializations.
Expect Everything we do at MGIS is about meeting our customer’s expectations. This means designing products that do precisely what the customer expects, providing the quality they deserve, responding efficiently, and handling claims fairly.

According to a national report​ from AMA Insurance, 77% of U.S. physicians say disability insurance is “essential” vs. “nice to have” or “optional,” and 60 percent of physicians reported knowing of a physician who suffered a disabling accident or injury. 1     Yet a high percentage are unaware that their specialized insurance needs are largely ignored by traditional benefits policies.
1(AMA) “What Every Resident Should Know About Disability Insurance” (2018)