Disability Guard for Doctors™

Designed exclusively for doctors and their employees

Doctors have specialized requirements for income protection not addressed by typical group disability insurance solutions.

This unique disability insurance includes highly valued individual disability policy provisions, but with guaranteed issue and simplified administration. In essence, Disability Guard for Doctors™ offers you the best of individual disability insurance (IDI) and group long-term disability (LTD) in one package.

Doctors get the best of both worlds with Disability Guard for Doctors™

IDI Like Provisions

Definition of Disability = Actual Procedures (e.g, CPT, CDT)

No mandatory rehabilitation requirements

Advantages of Group LTD

No proof of health or finances required

Stacks on existing IDI for more coverage

MGIS Advantages

Aligned with other MGIS Disability Insurance

Dedicated Healthcare Professional Claims Team

Doctors don’t have to worry about these typical Group LTD disadvantages with MGIS


Definition of Disability

MGIS defines disability based on the actual procedures each doctor regularly performed for twelve months before the onset of disability.

The MGIS claims team determines “actual procedures” by obtaining billable procedure codes from the policy holder, including CPT, CDT/ADA, modifiers, and codes relevant to the individual claimant.

Coverage for Veterinarians

According to the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), the starting salary for Vets has been rising every year since 2014.2 As a result, many veterinarians have growing income-protection needs—similar to those of other healthcare professionals.

Typical group LTD contracts do not address these specialized income protection needs. Disability Guard for Doctors™ was designed for veterinarians and includes key coverage features aligned with the IDI coverage many veterinarians already have.

Pre-Disability Earnings that Consider Multiple Earning Types

While many Americans collect only a salary from their employer, healthcare professionals often receive bonuses and K-1 (partnership) income if they are an owner of a practice. Many group LTD policies provide income replacement for base salary only, disregarding these other major income sources.

The higher the pre-disability earnings (PDE), the higher the monthly benefit. (Subject to the policy’s monthly max benefit). Correctly defining PDE will also improve the claims process.

Other Benefits Offered by MGIS

Short-Term Disability (STD) Insurance

Life and AD&D Insurance


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Definition of Disability Funnel


Best of Both Worlds Coverage


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Designed Exclusively for Doctors

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