High Limits Disability Insurance

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Many high-earning healthcare professionals don’t have enough disability income protection.


MGIS High Limits Disability Insurance supplements other policies to provide high-earning healthcare professionals with true 70% income protection.

Consider These Features

Up to 70% income replacement
Monthly benefits up to $80,000
Lump-sum benefits up to $2 million
Flexible Underwriting
Quick application and enrollment process
Coverage for mental nervous & drug and alcohol (MNDA disabilities)

High Limits

MGIS High Limits Disability Insurance offers benefits up to $19,500/month and $2 million lump sum with no individual underwriting for groups of five healthcare professionals or more. Monthly benefits of $80,000/month are available with underwriting.

Supplements Existing Disability Insurance

MGIS High Limits Disability Insurance supplements existing individual and group disability insurance to provide up to 70% income replacement for high-earning healthcare professionals.

As with other MGIS disability insurance products, the MGIS high-limits disability insurance contract has been designed from the ground up to meet the specialized income-protection needs to health care professionals.

Recruit and Retain

Healthcare employers must compete to employ doctors during the growing physician shortage. Savvy brokers can help healthcare employers recruit and retain doctors by understanding the importance of disability insurance. Offering the right type and amount of disability insurance can bolster recruiting and retention efforts, with physicians being three times more concerned about disability risk than professional liability risk. Brokers who help their clients achieve up to 70% income replacement will win in today’s competitive marketplace.

Flexible Underwriting

Our process helps group practices, associations, insurers, and other approved affinity organizations achieve high participation. A high-touch and convenient online experience helps individuals easily apply for coverage in all settings.


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Why MGIS High Limits Disability Insurance


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High Limits Value Story

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2AMA 2013 Report on U.S. Physicians Financial Preparedness
3AMA, “How short-term financial goals undermine doctors’ retirement plans,” August 18, 2020

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