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Elite Service and Claims

Video Transcription

Welcome to the MGIS IncomeProtect Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) series. In this module, we will be discussing elite service and claims. MGIS IncomeProtect's dedicated long-term disability claims team excels at managing the complexity of physician and dentist disability claims. In this case, dedicated means more than they work hard. It means they focus solely on physician and dentist claims. They excel at determining eligibility based on actual CPT CDT procedure codes performed. The team is also experienced in reviewing complex financial statements and income structures, engaging CPA's for forensic accounting if needed, and calculating partial disability benefits monthly. They engage clinical resources, vocational consultants, and predictive modeling to make the best claims decision possible.
A nice thing about the policies is, for our physicians, they have an own-occupation definition of disability.
We're not just looking at this occupation, as can you be a physician anywhere, but can you go back to performing your specific specialty?
Somebody could be partially disabled. It could be somebody that had a traumatic disability event.
As long as he's disabled from doing his own occupation, that of being a surgeon, he continues to be eligible for benefits.
On a monthly basis, I'll review their financial statements, earnings, profit and loss, sometimes in conjunction with a CPA to evaluate what their earnings loss is and issue them benefits.
The IncomeProtect team includes highly experienced underwriters focused solely on this market who are able to identify emerging trends which allow brokers and plan sponsors to customize plans to meet the needs of the practice. An implementation manager is assigned to every new client regardless of size. They work directly with the plan administrator to ensure we issue the program and policy the group expected. This personalized approach has achieved one of the highest accuracy ratings in the industry through focus on always getting it right the first time. Our dedicated account managers ease your HR service burden. Each client is partnered with a single MGIS professional who will be the single point of contact to manage billing eligibility, plan changes, benefit plan details, and more so you can focus on the practice. The dedicated account manager's familiarity with the client allows them to answer questions and resolve issues on the first call over 90% of the time.
We are so confident in the level of service we provide we guarantee it. The guarantee covers the three essential aspects of our service. Customer service response time, dedicated account managers will respond to calls within 24 hours. Claims accuracy, we will pay new LTD claims 100% accurately the first time. Overall satisfaction, we will satisfy our customer's needs in all other areas not related to the service response and claims accuracy. MGIS and Sun Life will pay back up to 3% of a client's annual premium if we do not meet our guaranteed service standards. Thank you for watching MGIS IncomeProtect series. We hope you enjoyed this episode. Want to learn more? Visit us at
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