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10 Provisions Doctors Don’t Need but Often Get

Video Transcription

Welcome to the MGIS Income Protect Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) series. In this module, we will be discussing IDI supplement, 10 provisions doctors don't need but often get. Many traditional group LTD policies contain managed disability restrictions and provisions that restrict physicians' ability to manage their disability and subsequent return to work. IDI supplement type coverage eliminates many of these restrictive features, putting the doctor more firmly in charge. Examples of these restrictive provisions include: Definitions of disability that are broad and nonspecific, potentially disqualifying a physician or a dentist from benefits Failure to consider a doctor's unique lagged income stream when calculating benefit amounts International travel and residency issues that can hurt foreign native doctors Part-time work offsets that can reduce benefits Requiring work at a level predetermined by the insurance carrier Benefits contingent on participation in and completion of rehabilitation programs Specific limits on hours worked that are not realistic in a healthcare setting Benefits potentially reduced for self-reported symptoms Limitations on mental illness and substance abuse issues and treatments Required treatments A good IDI supplement type policy will never include these restrictions for doctors and dentists. MGIS Income Protect IDI supplement disability insurance is setting the standard and providing the insurance healthcare professionals expect and never includes these provisions in our policies. Thank you for watching the MGIS Income Protect series. We hope you enjoyed this episode. Want to learn more? Click on the next video or visit us at
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