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Recent Articles

DI Concepts | February 15, 2024 | James Crook

Veterinarians Need (Tailored) Group Long-Term Disability Insurance

Some 90 million U.S. families own a pet or care for a farm animal, but those animals are cared for by just slightly more than 121,000 veterinarians nationwide. These dedicated caregivers endure long hours and compassion fatigue while often facing higher rates of injury and burnout. Pet ownership has been driving growth in the veterinarian […]

DI Concepts | February 14, 2024 | Eddie Whalen

Understanding Optional Disability Insurance Benefits for Doctors

Disability insurance serves as a critical safety net for doctors, who face unique financial risks due to the significant investment in their education and a potential loss of earnings ability. Here at MGIS, we are best known for providing valuable insurance solutions for doctors. Most notable is our Disability Guard for Doctors™ program, where we […]

DI Concepts | August 16, 2023 | James Crook

Disability Coverage Gaps: Which Types of Doctors Have the Most to Lose?

Dr. Williams has just completed medical school and is now ready to begin his residency. He knows that while he has achieved his dream, there could come a time when injury or illness may leave him unable to practice medicine. To hedge against this possibility, he purchases an individual disability insurance (IDI) policy. As Dr. […]

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