Industry News – October 2023

Eddie Whalen

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Physician Starting Salaries Surging After COVID-19 – Starting salaries for physicians have rebounded from the COVID-19 pandemic, underscoring continued robust demand for doctors and a limited supply.

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A Fourth of U.S. Health Visits Now Delivered by Non-Physicians

Harvard – Health care provided by nurse practitioners and physician assistants expected to rise as their ranks grow faster than physicians’.

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The Cost of Physician Turnover

Beckers Hospital – Physician turnover rates are increasing as more clinicians experience burnout and decide to retire early, leave the field or refresh their practice setting.

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Shrinking Number of Primary Care Physicians Reaching a Tipping Point

Tucson Sentinel – The percentage of U.S. doctors in adult primary care has been declining for years and is now about 25% — a tipping point beyond which many Americans won’t be able to find a family doctor at all.

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