Industry News – February 2023

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Why is there a global medical recruitment and retention crisis?

World Economic Forum – Urgent and extreme action is needed now to improve recruitment and retention of the global healthcare workforce.

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Fourth Circuit Affirms Denial of Long Term Disability Claimant’s Motion to Reopen ERISA Lawsuit After Settlement

LexBlog – A recent court case concerning the denial of long-term disability.

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What challenges can medical practices and facilities expect in 2023?

Medical Economics – Healthcare facilities are likely to face multiple challenges based on various studies and insights from the industry stakeholders.

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Disability Insurance Screening and Worker Outcomes

Labor Economics – A research paper surrounding disability insurance screening and employee outcomes.

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District Court Upholds Unum Life’s Termination of ERISA Long-Term Disability Benefits After Concluding Claimant Was No Longer Disabled by Physical Conditions

LexBlog – A court case concluding the claimant was no longer disabled.

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