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Insurance protection for healthcare providers traveling and practicing abroad

A growing number of medical and dental professionals travel abroad and into remote areas in response to humanitarian crises, to partake in medical missions, and as a means for donating both time and expertise within clinics set-up to care for vulnerable and underserved communities. But the typical US-based malpractice insurance policy often lacks coverage for lawsuits resulting from medical services performed in foreign countries.

MedTravel is a comprehensive coverage solution that was specifically designed for medical practitioners during and after international assignments. Provided by MGIS and backed by Lloyd’s of London A+ rated paper, MedTravel provides that added level of assurance in world-class medical professional liability coverage. Purchase MedTravel for individual travelers or on a group basis as a corporate policy with scheduled travelers.

Bundled into the plan are additional valuable coverages unique to foreign practice including infectious and contagious disease, kidnap and ransom, emergency medical repatriation, a 24/7 legal phone line, and trip cancellation. Coverage extends within the majority of countries where medical missions occur, subject to US, UK, and UN sanctions regulations. Options are also available for higher limits and extended reporting periods.

At MGIS, we believe medical professionals who are inspired to take part in philanthropic efforts should be encouraged and protected along the way. With MedTravel, they gain the security in knowing their income, lifestyle, and practice are shielded from loss while making a difference abroad.

Partner with the company that specializes in income-protection products expressly designed for medical professionals. We offer brokers the comprehensive support they need to present MedTravel to customers, and we manage the entire process from onboarding through claims administration and beyond.

Contact our MedTravel team to learn more about this unique coverage.