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Protection meets flexibility…

Disability income-protection insurance for group practices affiliated with emerging practice types, such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), Practice Management Organizations (PMO), and Independent Practice Organizations (IPA).

Our incomeprotect® | MULTI PRACTICE ENTITY solution satisfies the competing and often incompatible requirements of the Multi Practice Entity (MPE) and its two main constituents, central management and physicians. We’ve designed protection to meet the dynamic needs of various stakeholders including ACOs, PPOs, IPAs, practice management organizations, and other physician group affiliations.

Now the MPE’s central management unit can more easily attract and retain physicians, dentists, and healthcare groups while reducing administrative overhead, complexity, and cost. Meanwhile participating physicians and dentists gain access to our entire product portfolio including IDI-supplement and short-term disability plus high-limits disability with a choice of two or three physician options to enhance their IDI coverage.

We provide large group benefits paired with small group flexibility, complete with the features individual practices might not easily obtain on their own such as the option to choose either a single plan across all practices or tailored plan designs and administration within each individual practice. Billing and administration may also be handled at a practice-level or through the central management team. All of this is combined with our unique “own procedures” definition of disability to ensure doctors and dentists have both the right amount and the right type of coverage.

Offer protection and flexibility with a program designed specifically for the MPE organization.

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