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MGIS Group IDI Supplement

Physicians, dentists, and practice owners need insurance specifically designed to safeguard their business and financial security. Coverage should consider the actual procedures they perform, delving beyond standard group insurance industry definitions. Likewise, as they advance in their career, income growth shouldn’t outstrip the limits available within their Individual Disability Insurance (IDI). Yet it can.

Group IDI Supplement insurance from MGIS acts as an IDI supplement offering coverage exclusively designed to protect the healthcare provider with higher earnings and expectations. We step in to shrink the gap left by IDI as incomes rise, providing the coverage they need with a policy that mirrors key provisions of their IDI, the “gold standard” for income protection, easily stacking right on top without offsets.

Group Long-Term Disability Insurance Redefined

Group IDI Supplement coverage addresses the specific needs of healthcare professionals, founded on our unique “own procedures” definition of disability, which is based on their actual CPT/CDT coded procedures regularly performed during the previous 12 months. Policyholders can now acquire the assurance of both the right amount and the right type of coverage. And MGIS is the only insurance organization in the country to do so, protecting each practitioner with benefits they need without an ounce of compromise. Beyond this, we give policyholders a choice to work, with no hidden limitations plus generous partial benefits for those opting to work in some capacity.

MGIS Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary