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Group Short-Term Disability

Group Short-Term Disability insurance offers short-term income replacement with flexible plan designs and return-to-work incentives to help healthcare professional groups.

• Flexible and Fully Insured Plan Designs: Our flexible Short-Term Disability plan designs, all include an “own
occupation” definition and full maternity coverage. Employers may select from a variety of options: W-2
preparation, employer FICA match, length of benefit durations, and length of elimination periods.

• Expert Claims Management: Using a team approach, medical, psychiatric, and vocational professionals
actively manage Short-Term Disability claims. Employers who buy both Short-Term Disability and Long Term
Disability can take full advantage of our innovative early intervention process and personalized return-to-work

• Zero-Day Residual Disability Benefits: This benefit provision allows employees to satisfy the elimination
period by combining days of total and partial disability.

• Partial Disability Benefits: This benefit provision allows employees to receive up to 100% of their pre-disability
earnings when working part-time, giving them extra motivation to return to work as quickly as

• First-Day Hospitalization: This optional benefit provision helps protect hospitalized employees by providing
immediate benefits with no elimination period.

• Service Guarantees: We are pleased to offer a Short-Term Disability Service Guarantee which covers the
speed and accuracy of our claims processing as well as the speed of Sun Life’s response to phone calls. In
addition, we include an Overall Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied
with our service. If we do not meet the terms of a guarantee, a policyholder may request in writing a service
guarantee review. Sun Life will determine whether they failed to meet the conditions of the guarantee,
and whether any payment is due. If the request is approved, payment will be made by check during the
policy year, as long as the policy remains in force during this time. Sun Life’s maximum liability under this
guarantee for any policy year is limited to the lesser of 3% of the policyholder’s annual STD premium or
$5,000. The maximum payment for a breach of any one component is one- third of the maximum liability
(lesser of 1% or $1,667). If a policyholder has more than one line of insurance coverage, the Overall
Satisfaction component will be paid only if the service issue arises under this guarantee. These service
guarantees are available to all 100%-employer-paid and partially-employer-paid plans.

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