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James Crook

How the only group disability insurance designed for healthcare professionals can work for you.

MGIS is a national market leader in healthcare professional group disability insurance, and we specialize in helping brokers sell innovative policies to their clients.

Founded in 1969, MGIS was the very first organization to offer disability insurance to physician group practices. Because our only focus is healthcare professional groups, you can depend on us to provide the right type and right amount of coverage to your clients. We also offer the sales support you need to win new business and retain your current clients.

Be the expert. Become the broker of record.

There are many brokers out there competing for your business, often by undercutting price or taking advantage of a client’s poor experience with their existing carrier’s service. MGIS gives you a better (and more profitable) way to compete. Because the MGIS Group Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance policy mirrors gold-standard IDI coverage and defines disability using CPT/CDT codes, you’ll always walk in with the best contract.

Our sales team stands ready to help you perform a contract review as well–comparing the MGIS contract to the group’s existing contract. When you use an MGIS regional vice president of sales (RVP) to provide specific disability insurance expertise, your clients and prospects will see you as an expert with impressive resources at your disposal.

MGIS is here to help you differentiate yourself from your competition. Be the disability insurance expert and become the broker of record for your clients’ other policies.

Help your healthcare professional clients and prospects recruit and retain talent.

A report from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) projects that the United States will face a shortage of between 54,100 and 139,000 physicians by 2033. The laws of supply and demand will go into effect in the coming years to create a bidding war for physician talent. Your clients are going to need creative ways to keep their employees.

Disability insurance is one way employers can retain their healthcare professional employees. The 2020 Milliman Annual Survey of the U.S. Individual Income Insurance Market reported that doctors and surgeons purchased over 40% of the leading insurers’ individual disability insurance (IDI). Clearly, healthcare professionals value disability insurance. The American Medical Association (AMA) also reported in a recent study that 77% of U.S. physicians say disability insurance is “essential” vs. “nice to have” or “optional.”

However, many healthcare professionals have been taught that group disability is not as good as individual disability insurance (IDI). MGIS’ group LTD coverage is uniquely based on the important features of individual disability insurance (often referred to as an “IDI supplement”)—the gold standard of disability income-protection for healthcare professionals. Employers who are offering superior MGIS disability insurance products to their employees will then have a powerful advantage in recruiting and retention.

Next steps.

Over the coming months, we’ll provide you with resources you can use to win clients by leveraging MGIS. If you’d like more information about how MGIS can help you today, reach out to our sales team using the button below.

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