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Frequently asked questions

1. Have adjustments been made in the MGIS disability contract as a result of COVID-19?

Some temporary adjustments have been made that reflect changes we are all experiencing. These are generally more favorable to the client than what’s found in the standard contract. You will see specific examples of these adjustments in the following Q&As.

2. What happens if a covered employee gets diagnosed with coronavirus? Will the MGIS LTD, STD, and Life policies cover that?

A disability or death related to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis would typically be covered, based on the terms of each specific group policy. For additional details about a specific line of coverage, see your policy booklet or contact your MGIS Account Manager

3. How is MGIS handling rate changes for policies up for renewal during the COVID-19 crisis?

Groups under 500 lives with renewal dates of 6.1, 7.1, and 8.1 will automatically receive a renewal rate pass this year. If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact MGIS’ National Renewal Sales Manager, Noelle

4. Has COVID-19 affected the speed in which claims will be paid?

MGIS & Sun Life are well prepared for an increase in Short-Term Disability claims related to the pandemic. To ensure we’re prepared, our claim teams have been working ahead to create additional capacity and our claims examiners can work in a secure, remote environment, if needed. We are confident in our ability to maintain production and service through this period of potentially increased claim volume and workplace disruption. Overall, our claim teams will be sensitive and flexible with claimants and will talk to their managers if they have questions as to how to approach specific situations.

5. What happens if an MGIS-covered group employee is laid off, furloughed, takes a leave of absence or has work hours reduced to the point that they are no longer eligible for coverage?

Such an employee will be considered “actively-at-work” under the policy, based on their status on March 13, 2020, assuming premiums are paid at the “pre-COVID-19 levels” and the policy is in force for 90 days or the end of the time the employee is working reduced hours, whichever comes first. The extension is valid through September 1, 2020. Employees who return to the status they held before COVID-19 need not do anything to continue active status on the existing group policy. The same applies if a covered group employee cannot work their regularly scheduled hours due to quarantine without medical necessity.

6. After the extension, will employees who have not otherwise returned to active status or work schedules due to COVID-19, be able to port or convert their MGIS coverage?

Portability and conversion are only available if the contract includes these provisions and may vary by line of coverage. Portability at March 13, 2020 levels is available to employees who have reduced hours due to COVID-19, where provided premiums were continued at the pre-reduction amount. Although the MGIS contract does not normally allow for portability or conversion due to a reduction in hours, we are temporarily removing this limitation.

7. What happens if an MGIS-insured’s practice has been shut down or had business reduced dramatically and cannot pay premiums?

Depending on the state, premium deferrals are possible and may be mandated by law. No standard or blanket deferral or, payment scheme exists. We will consider postponing premium payments on a case-by-case basis. The key is to communicate early to avoid surprises lapse or unfortunate outcomes.

8. What if an employee becomes pregnant and is concerned about possible infection?

An employee must test positive for COVID-19 and be unable to work (perform the material and substantial duties of their occupation), before they would be considered disabled, and therefore eligible to receive any benefits.

9. How is COVID-19 affecting how new business is handled at MGIS?

We continue to actively monitor the changing environment related to COVID-19 and maintain our focus on how we can best serve our clients. While our approach and service guarantees have not changed, MGIS has been developing and testing contingency plans for adjusted work arrangements and remote operation over the last several years. Because of this work and preparation, we’re pleased to say that business operations continue to move forward as usual for our teams.

10. How do I learn about policy changes and keep up with COVID-19-related updates that will affect my clients?

It’s important to remain in contact with your MGIS Account Manager or RVP who will keep you updated on all changes and help guide you as the situation continues to evolve.

We would like to extend a special thank you for the role you are playing to support medical professionals—those on the front lines and others feeling the financial impact of this worldwide pandemic.

We encourage you to contact MGIS for any questions you may have, please email us at and continuously visit: for regular updates and helpful content as we all navigate this uncertain time.

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