How is MGIS Responding to COVID-19? Learn more.

COVID-19 Resources

Frequently asked questions

1. Have adjustments been made in the MGIS disability contract as a result of COVID-19?
2. What happens if a covered employee gets diagnosed with coronavirus? Will the MGIS LTD, STD, and Life policies cover that?
3. How is MGIS handling rate changes for policies up for renewal during the COVID-19 crisis?
4. Has COVID-19 affected the speed in which claims will be paid?
5. What happens if an MGIS-covered group employee is laid off, furloughed, takes a leave of absence or has work hours reduced to the point that they are no longer eligible for coverage?
6. After the extension, will employees who have not otherwise returned to active status or work schedules due to COVID-19, be able to port or convert their MGIS coverage?
7. What happens if an MGIS-insured’s practice has been shut down or had business reduced dramatically and cannot pay premiums?
8. What if an employee becomes pregnant and is concerned about possible infection?
9. How is COVID-19 affecting how new business is handled at MGIS?
10. How do I learn about policy changes and keep up with COVID-19-related updates that will affect my clients?