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The majority of new physicians entering practice today still take some form of the original Hippocratic Oath – a body of ethical guidelines originated in the time of Hippocrates that prescribe a physician’s actions and interactions with patients. While not strictly part of that oath, an associated guiding principle widely espoused by doctors is the […]

Doctors are discovering that many group disability insurance policies purportedly “customized for physicians” are actually not so doctor friendly come claim time. Many exclude policy language that would qualify them for coverage they expect, or include provisions that are detrimental to their interests. The rub is that features doctors value most – those gold nuggets that mirror and supplement […]

In this segment of the High Percentage Selling Podcast series, Mark Chai, Regional Vice President of Sales for MGIS is joined by Tanya Martinez, a 14 year veteran on the MIGS Account Management team, to discuss the unique service levels and solutions provided by MGIS to clients of all sizes.

Though the last 10 episodes of the High Percentage Selling podcast we shared with you some ideas on ways in which you could change the conversation about Group Disability with your physician clients. In this, the concluding podcast, hosted by MGIS Vice President of Sales,Professional Group Benefits, Kurt Meyer, uses the theme of an Olympic race to review the key differentiators in making your IDI Supplement approach successful with physicians.

In the crowded field of competition for physician disability coverage, it’s often difficult to identify clear winners. However, when put through the rigors of an Olympic-class comparison, the medalists quickly emerge from the pack. Here’s a quick sprint through the key features and options offered, who makes the podium, and why. Starting Line: IDI The starting point […]

Past posts have focused on selling what you don’t have, but what about other benefits  that are of unique concern to physicians? By sharing information on these benefit supplements you can help your physician clients find the hidden value in an individual disability insurance supplement for physicians. Here are four benefits included in the MGIS/Sun Life Physician […]

Listen in as Keith Mangrum, senior regional vice president of sales at MGIS, explains the advantages for hospital-employed physicians when they elect specialized group LTD coverage from MGIS rather than staying with a hospital’s traditional LTD plan. A cost-neutral event for the hospital, this “upgrade” program is a unique opportunity for hospital-employed physicians in large groups to receive richer contract definitions, higher maximums, and superior service.

In this session, Keith Mangrum, Senior Regional Vice President of Sales for MGIS outlines three specialty riders that can round out a strong disability coverage package for physicians. Keith begins with an overview of the medical malpractice insurance rider, a unique rider, increasingly demanded by physicians who understand the expense of maintaining malpractice coverage during a disability episode.

Physician Group Disability Insurance Riders that Can Round Out an Optimum Coverage Package While there are significant differences in the base disability contract between specialty physician and traditional LTD carriers (see Changing the Conversation Around Physician Group LTD), the right selection of riders built specifically for doctors is equally important in creating optimum coverage for […]