In healthcare, we deal with highly sensitive and very private electronic information, so of course our ears perk up every time we see headlines about the latest cyber threat or breach. The natural question is whether this could happen to us. This is constructive if it leads to cyber risk-prevention. But all too often, folks are responding with, “it could not happen to me,” or “my insurance policy covers this so I’m prepared.” These folks are ignoring the growing cyber threat around all of us. They are whistling past the “cyber” graveyard.

Past posts have focused on selling what you don’t have, but what about other benefits  that are of unique concern to physicians? By sharing information on these benefit supplements you can help your physician clients find the hidden value in an individual disability insurance supplement for physicians. Here are four benefits included in the MGIS/Sun Life Physician […]

Physician Group Disability Insurance Riders that Can Round Out an Optimum Coverage Package While there are significant differences in the base disability contract between specialty physician and traditional LTD carriers (see Changing the Conversation Around Physician Group LTD), the right selection of riders built specifically for doctors is equally important in creating optimum coverage for […]

Great Features Don’t Cover Income Gaps It hit me recently how challenging it is for even seasoned pros, in the heat of competitive sales encounters, to maintain a balanced focus on crucial selling points. In our zeal to excel on features and provisions, it’s easy to momentarily lose focus on the fundamental principal of income […]

When presenting Group LTD to physicians in their early 60s you may meet resistance. After all, what’s in it for them? Aren’t they “too old for group LTD”? Most group LTD provides a monthly benefit for employees who become disabled near or after they have reached Social Security Retirement Age (SSNRA). The difference is in […]

The old saying goes, “You can’t sell from an empty wagon.” But in the physician group LTD space, emptying the wagon of provisions that can hurt doctors at claim time (included as standard language in many traditional group LTD policies) can be your most powerful tool.  The Right Tool for the Right Job Traditional group […]