(Physicians Risk Management) July, 2013 – MGIS’ VP of Operations for MGIS Underwriting Managers Molly Farrell is featured as an expert on the topic of the implications of rude or discourteous staff. It’s more than just a customer service issue, but it can be the factor that pushes a dissatisfied patient into contacting a lawyer. […]

(PA MGMA Matters) May/June, 2013 – In this article President of MGIS, Jeff Brunken provides a practical guide for physicians to minimize liability claims. Research shows that many lawsuits today are not about medical errors, but about poor communication and misunderstanding. Jeff’s practical guide touches on communication oversights, importance of thinking like a patient and following up. You can read more on Jeff’s tips here…

(Physicians Practice) May 26, 2013 – It’s always a learning experience when we look at claims and the story behind a malpractice lawsuit. A surprise to most physicians is how many lawsuits are the result of how patients felt about their physicians and their staff, regardless of the quality of care they may have received…

(Physician Risk Management) May, 2013 – It’s something more and more physicians worry about: negative and erroneous comments posted online and in social media. These days, seems like anyone, can post just about anything. And increasingly, such comments can become a part of lawsuits. What can be done about it? How will it impact the practice?

Featured in: Physicians Risk Management newsletter, published by AHC Media in Atlanta – May 2013
Instead of learning about a patient’s dissatisfaction from reading a negative online review, physicians should take steps to prevent the patient from posting such a review in the first place, urges Molly Farrell, vice president of operations for MGIS Underwriting Managers, Inc., in Salt Lake City, UT.