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Understanding the rules, rates, and risks of physician group LTD will help you create a plan of disability benefits that best meets the needs of your physician groups.

For starters, check out our Rules, Rates, and Risk blog post. It highlights some of the basic rules about group LTD policies versus individual plans, including rules – yes, legal matters — about employee classification and benefit discrimination. The blog post also explains how carriers typically determine rates and some of the risks associated with LTD plans (for instance, you may not be able to take your plan with you if you terminate employment).

If you’re ready to drill down into the details of the minimum number of covered physicians and the number of staff employees required, click on the podcast above to listen to the latest from our High Percentage Selling series. Featuring MGIS expert Keith Mangrum, the podcast also highlights the monthly LTD maximum benefits and other key issues to keep in mind as you build your physician group benefit plan.

When you’re ready to grow your book of physician business, use these risk guidelines for quoting LTD, STD, Basic Life, and AD&D to help ensure a timely and accurate quote for your physician group.

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