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Are you meeting resistance when presenting Group LTD to physicians in their early 60s?

They may wonder what’s in it for them? Aren’t they “too old for group LTD”?

Most group LTD still provides a monthly benefit for employees who become disabled near or after they have reached Social Security Retirement Age (SSNRA). The difference is in the duration of this benefit. Traditional Group LTD policies only provide the minimum number of monthly benefit payments required by law, while the MGIS/Sun Life Physician LTD policy provides at least six additional months of LTD benefits for physicians who become disabled at 63 and older. Depending on coverage specifics, this can add up to $90,000 more in benefit payments for these older docs.

Listen to this week’s High Percentage Selling podcast for tips on how you can present MGIS Physician Group LTD to your doctor clients in a way that is meaningful to them.

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Too_Old_LTD_ThumbnailDownload the “Too Old For Group LTD?” guide for a chart showing the difference in protection between MGIS Physician Group LTD and traditional group coverage.

The time you take to educate your clients on this point alone can be a deciding factor in their decision to purchase a Physician LTD plan from MGIS/Sun Life.


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