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When it comes to specialized Physician Group LTD solutions, some carriers have muddied the waters of “specialty” definition in recent years. These definitions range from specialties listed in the Department of Labor’sDictionary of Occupational Titles — which lists thousands of occupations and only a handful of medical specialties – to specialties that exclude sub-specialties or require board verification. Seriously?

The MGIS/Sun Life “Own-Specialty/Sub-Specialty” definition is crystal clear. It states that we consider the actual duties that a specialist performs every day. We analyze the actual duties performed by a physician over the 12 months prior to disability (we even dig into the CPT codes), and use these duties as part of the determination of a claimant’s material and substantial duties.

This session focuses on the importance of the definition of “Own Specialty/Sub-Specialty” in your Physician LTD Group policy. To learn more, click here or listen to the 5-minute podcast that features Keith Mangrum, MGIS senior regional vice president in a live Q&A session. You will discover how the definition of disability is the key to smooth sailing.

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