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When a doctor is injured there are many factors that can push them to return to work. As the primary source of income for a practice, they are often under pressure to return to work as soon as possible. It’s no wonder that physicians are ten times more likely to return to work than the overall population (Source: MGIS and Sun Life Financial industry data).

However, physicians often return to work in a different, lower paying specialty, or even part-time work if they are unable to work full-time in their chosen specialty following a disabling incident – factors that can significantly impact the disability benefit paid by their group LTD policy.

In this week’s High Percentage Selling podcast, Keith Mangrum outlines the potentially dramatic difference in benefits that may be paid to your physician clients based on the partial disability formulas stipulated in their group LTD policy – a difference that can be up to $100,0001 or more in the second year alone.

Learn more. Proportionate Loss formula? 50% Offset formula? Or the Dual Residual “Best of Both Worlds” approach? Which is better for your physician client? Read our blog post Physicians Love to Work…and get paid for more details on the important difference this detail can make in their yearly group LTD benefit payments.

Brokers and their clients should carefully analyze the partial disability fine print of their policies to avoid the “worst of all worlds” surprise faced by far too many physicians.


  1. Proportional Loss Formula = (1 – (Current earnings / indexed pre-disability income)) X Total Disability Benefit. MGIS/Sun Life indexes at flat 5% per year compounded
  2. 50% Offset Formula = Total Disability benefit – (Current Work Earnings X 50%). MGIS/Sun Life’s minimum policy benefit of the greater of 10% or $100 Typical Group LTD plan with a a $100 or 10% Minimum net monthly payment
  3. Monthly total Disability Benefit of 60% to $10k
  4. Assumes no other income offsets
  5. Assumes income while working stays constant
  6. Does not include additional 10% benefit for claimants participating in an approved Rehabilitation program
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    Thanks for great and important technical teaching! This helps me change the conversations to quality of contract, not price.

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