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Face time with doctors, staff members, and practice administrators is priceless. That’s why it’s so important to drive the conversation about specialized Group LTD solutions in such a way that your closing percentages are off the charts and your physician clients are on the leading edge of specialized Group LTD solutions.

We are pleased to continue the discussion about High Percentage Selling with this podcast and Q&A that focus on exactly how to change your conversations with physicians. To learn more,click here or listen to the 5-minute podcast that features MGIS experts in action as they explain how to best position and sell supplemental physician group LTD coverage to real clients. (Hint: Our experts position it as a supplement to IDI, not as commercial group LTD.)

Change is good. Changing the conversations with your physician clients will help them recognize and appreciate the value – and claims-paying ability – of the MGIS/Sun Life Financial Physician LTD policies.

And that’s something worth talking about.

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