HomeLearnDouble Jeopardy – Medical professional liability writers face dual challenges from the Affordable Care Act and efforts to amend tort reform.

Best’s Review (www.bestreview.com/)  – August 2014 Issue 

As health and tort reform amendments gain traction, find out how innovative risk management will be critical to managing all known and still unknown risks.

The medical professional liability marketplace is experiencing one of its strongest decades on record. New capacity continues to enter the marketplace and aggressive competition is creating a continued soft market, with few indicators of change on the horizon. Yet there is growing concern about just how long such results can continue in view of the realities and challenges emerging from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Since the passage of this landmark legislation, the health care industry has moved rapidly from a volume-based to a value-based model, with continued pressure on cost containment and competitive pricing, while also requiring greater quality and patient satisfaction…Read More

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