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Addressing the 80% Income Replacement and Buy-Sell Gaps

As a high income physician, you have the luxury of being well prepared for potential disabling events – if you can find adequate coverage.

Income Replacement Gap
For high income earners, typical first tier (Individual Disability Insurance or IDI) and second tier (Group Disability or lDl-Supplement) insurance limits barely cover 20% – 40% of earnings should you become totally disabled.

This far short of a 65% – 80% total income replacement target most financial professionals recommend. Unfortunately, most insurers won’t offer those levels of coverage, even though you can afford it. This program offers up to 80% income replacement.

Business Overhead Buy-out Gap
Many physicians also have buy-sell agreements which require lump-sum payments in the event of an exit from the practice. You want to be able to fund this even at a time you may not be workhg as a result of a disability. This program oflers high lump-sum options.

Close the Gap – Extend the Continuum of Coverage
IncomeProtect® | HIGH LIMITS provides high-income physicians with unusually high limit disability insurance options to close the income gap left by potential disabling episodes. Limits up to $25 million are available. Payout options can accommodate individual requirements.

High Income Case

A surgeon earning $80k/mo hurts his hand and is unable to operate. He needs to fund a $5 million buy-sell agreement and a reasonable life style – up to 80% total income replacement replacement.


Individual Disability Insurance

Group Disability Insurance

$60k/mo + $5 million lump sum

Income Replacement Continuum


Key Program

IncomeProtect® | HIGH LIMITS coverage extends the continuum of strong features found in IDI and IDI supplement disability policies.

Definition of Disability: Own Procedures
The IncomeProtect® | HIGH LIMITS definition of disability closely mirrors that of many IDI policies, which are considered the industry gold standard. With our policy, you are disabled if you cannot perform your own procedures from the last 12 months, based on your actual CPT/CDT codes. This ensures that you are protected for the actual specialized work you do.

No Restrictive Provisions
Similar to many IDI policies, our coverage excludes many of the restrictive provisions found in traditional LTD policies that limit a doctor’s choice regarding such important issues as returning to work, part-time work, and international living and travel.

Assignable Benefit: DI buyout and Business Overhead Plans
This feature helps ensure that you have adequate resources to cover these business expenses if a disabling event occurs.

Mental & Nervous Conditions
Limited coverage for these important conditions is always included in our policies.

Three unique optional benefits

Infectious and Contagious Disease Benefit
Compensates for loss of income due to license restriction or reduced patent flow resulting from public knowledge of these illnesses.

Extended Earnings Protection
Provides monthly income supplement during period of rebuilding and you resume your practice following disability.

Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) benefit
Allows disability income to keep up with inflation while on Total Disability.